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Parking is as old as the hills. Ever since Fred Flintstone’s footmobile got a ticket outside the Bedrock Hospital, parking has been a tussle between too many cars and not enough spaces. spacehopper is a new way to solve an old problem.

We’re bringing together unused spaces and those who need them – like internet dating but with photos from this century. The great thing is that driveway owners earn some lovely extra cash while cunning parkers get a cheaper deal. And the wardens can’t touch you. Win-win!

But before you start hopping from space to space, who are we? Well, spacehopper is the new baby brother to RingGo, the UK’s biggest and best cashless parking. Not heard of RingGo? You need to get out more – preferably in your car.

Over 9 million drivers have used their mobiles in car parks and on-street with RingGo, and our big sibling sorts 3 million easy parking sessions a month. So you could say we really know our parking (someone has to). Which means spacehopper has the techie back up and solid foundations to give you peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a little-used parking spot, pop the details into, take a snap and wait for motorists to beat a path to your door (best put the kettle on). And if you’re a driver without a driveway going spare, no worries – you get to save around 60% on local parking costs by booking a guaranteed space with your name on it. It’s like having your own Royal Box at the theatre – but bring your own crest.

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RingGo? Well, you've found the company behind it.
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