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RingGo Advanced Digital Parking

RingGo advanced digital parking

If you want to substantially reduce enforcement effort and expense, RingGo Advanced Digital Parking is the solution for you.  RingGo ADP combines Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with digital payments from both machines and phone parking, to allow quick and easy checking of every vehicle that’s paid.

When a motorist uses the pay and display machine, they enter their vehicle registration details before they receive a ticket.  This data is then combined with registrations from RingGo phone parking and uploaded for local use.

Scanning number plates with either a fixed or mobile ANPR solution, RingGo’s Advanced Digital Parking alerts patrolling officers to vehicles that need checking for payment.  The improvement in speed and efficiency from this, as opposed to checking every windscreen for a ticket, is substantial.

For more information, please download a product sheet here.

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