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RingGo online permitsIf distinct groups of users park on a regular basis, why not consider our online permit solutions?  RingGo Virtual Permits help your customers, and save you time, paperwork and expensive face-to-face interactions too.

Virtual Permits can be used for any number of potential services – resident permits, visitor permits, business or staff permits, seasonal discounts for long-term holiday makers, commuter or emissions based discounts, and even premiere bay permits, if you operate facilities attractive enough to carry a premium.

All stages of the application and approval are carried out within our white labelled secure hosted environment.    Management reports, submitted documents and a full audit trail of interactions are all held online.

Please click these links for more information on RingGo Virtual Permits or RingGo Visitor Permits.

How Virtual Permits work
  • Promote your Virtual Permit online, at the point of sale or direct to customers
  • Your customer visits our white-labelled website and applies online
  • Any pre-qualification information, such as proof of residency or employment status, is provided electronically
  • You’re notified of the application and approve or reject it through our secure hosted desktop
  • The customer is informed if their application is successful and (depending on setup) can print a physical permit if they wish
  • Depending on how you offer the service, they can either park any time or start a parking session by calling the RingGo Virtual Permits line
  • As with RingGo parking, enforcement is based on vehicle registrations

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