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LBS for retail promotion and informationEvery time someone pays to park with RingGo, they tell us their location.  This activity provides an immediate opportunity to promote useful, relevant offers and information while they are active, and on foot, nearby.

For retailers and businesses, such location based services, are often talked about, but rarely delivered.  Not all mobile phones offer global positioning and not everyone has it turned on.

With RingGo, none of this matters.  The service works on the most basic of phones as well as top of the range smartphones.  Location based promotions are not only possible but have a real purpose, as we know motorists have actively parked their car and are on the next stage of their journey.

At the point a customer pays, informational or promotional messages can either be pushed by text message to opted-in customers, or promoted more visually within our smartphone apps.  For more information about promoting  via RingGo, please contact us.

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