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Rail solutionsCobalt’s expertise in taking mobile payments has been used by the rail industry since 2004, when RingGo pay by phone parking first commenced at Bristol Parkway Station.

Since then, nine other UK rail operators have adopted our cashless parking solution, enabling commuters and ad hoc rail travellers alike to purchase their parking by phone, rather than with coins.

The company’s world-leading Carbon-Metered Parking has been used by one rail operator, to reward motorists that drive environmentally friendly vehicles.  The service offers an automatic discount of 10 per cent off parking, when either a RingGo permit or RingGo cashless parking is used for payment.

With Cobalt’s customary desire to innovate based on the needs of its customers, the company has since developed further rail-based solutions including several on-line permits – commuter permits, premier bay permits and taxi permits.  For information on these and other rail-based solutions, please choose from the tabs below.


With many commuters parking regularly at their local train station, parking permits, which offer a discount over daily parking, are a natural consideration.   But the hassle of printing, producing and distributing physical permits reduces their attractiveness.

Cobalt’s digital permits remove these issues.  Individuals apply and pay on line and enforcement is carried out based on the vehicle registration plate.

Taxi permits, weekly, monthly or annual parking permits, and even premium parking near the station can all be offered.  Approvals, such as ownership of a rail travel permit, can also be included if you wish.

Information services

Cobalt’s online and telephone service environments lend themselves to the provision of rail related information as well as payments.

Station facilities, parking information, timetables, delays – the types of information travelling passengers desire, is endless.  Find out how you can provide information wherever your customers are.

Mobile payments

Offering credit and debit card payments over the phone for services or physical goods, is a particularly attractive alternative to cash for rail travellers.  Mobile payments enable rail operators to generate income without the risk and hassle of collecting and processing cash.

Volo:TV, where rail travellers can pay to view seat back programmes and entertainment, is just one example of an on-train service which Cobalt has helped to monetise, using payments by mobile phone.

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