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Air travel solutions

The airline industry is notoriously dependent on quick reaction and turnaround times.  Any solutions that help operators improve efficiency add to the bottom line.

That’s why solutions like Cobalt’s CrewCall service have become so popular, because they genuinely help businesses improve the effectiveness of their day to day operations.

The vast array of routine processes and procedures incorporated in every aspect of air travel makes it ideally suited to automation and self-service environments.  Live call agents are often used, but the expense simply can’t be justified when high quality online and automated voice solutions provide similar service at a fraction of the cost.  If you’re using expensive resources which could be automated instead, please contact us.



CrewCall is a specialist product, designed and developed by Cobalt, to meet the specific requirements of the charter and scheduled low-cost airline market.

The solution provides flight deck and cabin crew with up-to-the second information on the changing status of operational schedules and rosters. The SMS messaging option ensures crew members are kept informed, wherever they are.

Thomas Cook airlines has used CrewCall since 1999.  In the height of each summer season over a thousand telephone calls a day are processed by their CrewCall application.

Information services

When NCP took over the management of Easyjet airport car parks, part of the agreement was to provide international travellers with 24×365 multilingual information about bus transfers and times to each airport.

With a tight deadline to meet, Cobalt set up a fully automated voice recognition helpline, that responded to each nationality, and delivered the information exactly as required by the client.

Self-service environments

Cobalt’s cloud based, self-service solutions offer a wealth of options for improving the way you manage travellers and business services alike.

If there are areas of your business that routinely require heavy involvement of staff, tell us about them and we’ll suggest ways to use automated online and interactive voice solutions to reduce the load – leaving you and your people free to deal with the complex stuff, only you can handle.


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